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i'm lost...

find me please...


i was out lying again!

it was saturday and i don't feel like working so i called in and left a message in the VM.

hell care!!! i'm no longer enjoying, i want to get out of the mundane life i have evernight, going to the office take calls from ballooneys and try to resolve their problems, at first i feel like God, like evrything and a lot of people depends on me, i'm like God only a phone call away,,,

but just like the movie bruce almighty, everything will eventually sink in, so deep that it can shatter you into pieces, and you'll be left lost and picking up the pieces of your dear self.

i'm somebody else, i feel like losing the real ole me, and it's scary, boring, tormenting and iritating all at the same time.

last saturday was a breath of life, the life i used to have. life with my lover, MUSIC...
i wasn't feeling well so i did the SOP, i received a text from balot to go out and check a gig, home made, from the heart, metal rock, both covers and compositions waiting for us, so between a boring work and calling of the heart, do i need to tell you which i choose?..

it was good, not to mention the new faces i've met and faces back then i'm familiar with, people from the same hometown, oh my mistake it wasn't good, it was blasted!!!

i was worth all the effort for my lying and i'm ready for the consequences

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just think about it

i got pissed off with a guy...grrrr and i can't get back at him


there are instances where in you would really like to get even with somebody but can't seem to do that because in the first place it was your fault.any ways enough of that, i'd like to share something, i wouldn't have thought of this until a friend asked this from me

the most inspiring thought in tagalog form the book of Bob Ong -STAINLESS LONGGANISA-


kung gusto mong maging musikero sige lang. pintor, ayos! inhinyero, the best! kung gusto mong maging teacher, pilitin mong maging teacher na hindi makakalimutan ng iyong mga estudyante . kung gusto mong maging sapatero, maging pinakamahusay kang sapatero.kung gusto mong maging karpintero, maging pinakamagaling kang karpintero.kung gusto mong maging tindero ng balut wag kang dadaan sa harap ng bahay naming kung ayaw mong masaktan.

mangarap ka at abutin mo 'to, wag mong sisihin ang sira mong pamilya, palpak mong syota, pilay mong tuta o mga lumulipad na ipis. kung may pagkukulang sa'yo ang mga magulang mo, pwede kang manisi at maging rebelde. tumigil sa pag-aaral, mag-asawa ka, mag-drugs ka, magpakulay ka ng buhok sa kili-kili, sa bandang huli, ikaw din ang biktima. rebeldeng walang napatunayan at bait sa sarili.

hindi ako naniniwalang kailangan ng tao mangarap dahil gusto nya ng pera, o gusto nyang sumikat, o guto nya ng impluwensya. side effects lang ang mga ito, tingin ko. nangangarap ang tao dahil binigyan sya ng Diyos ng kakayanang mangarap at tumupad nito. tungkulin n'yang pagbutihin ang pagkatao nya at magambag ng tulong sa mundo. at wala na syang iba pang magagawang mas malaking kasalanan sa sarili bukod sa talikuran ang tungkuling yon.

sa panghuli, higit sa lahat, magbasa ng libro. kung nabasa mo lahat ng libro ko, salamat.pero kung makakabasa kapa ng ibang libro bukod sa mga isinulat ko o mga ipinabili ng teacher mo, mas magaling.hikayatin mo lahat ng mga kakilala mo na magkaroon ng kahit isa man lng paboritong libro sa buong buhay nila.dahil wala nang mas nakakaawa pa sa mga taong literado pero hindi nagbabasa. ayos lng mgpalaki nang mgpalaki, magpatangkad, at tumanda nang walang natutunan -- kung puno ka!
pero bilang tao, may karne sa loob ng bungo mo na nangangailang ng sustansya. maraming pagkakataong kakailanganin mong sundutin yun. at sa bawat sundot, tulad ng sundot-kulangot, mas maigi kung may kapaki-pakinabang kang makuha.

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mr. mcgrath

the sex poem



little trinkets of memories interwooven to create a picturesque
what is it about you?
adoration, madness kissing sanity.
temperment shifts to extremes at the sight, at the picture of you in my mind.
what's with me?
figment of imagination escaping every pore of my body
sight of you recompenses for the sorrows of mankind this past few eon
so how it's going to be?
binding two energies separated a lifetime away
finding it's way through every crack in the hole in every minute space throught the grains of sand
i'm waiting...
i'm waiting...
i'm waiting till your next song touches the inner me

this is a SEX POEM ...

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farewell to the days, hello to the next coming

lee yawa ka!!!! hehehehe


it's been almost a day when a dear friend's gone, i know if i she happens to read this one, she'll be laughing but deep inside i know she'll somehow be touched of the effort.
this is to the reminiscin of the good ole short days we've spent together:
1. everytime she laughs it's contagious, she's one of the people you can go crazy with
2. crazy sense of going out, i got it from her, go to the bar drink a litle and laugh our hearts out to "butt-speller" dancers, people who can't seem to jive with any beat.
3. the way she controls her anger is remarkable but don't fill her up to the brim.
4. her patience for her friends is something i don't have :)
5. we lov drinking i remember teh last time we were together, i fell into the canal she helped me compose myself.
6. she helps me think more logically
7. she supports her friends in their decisions even if it's not correct
8. i jsut miss her

but she will be back hopefully on june.

lee bilisan mo hinihintay kana ng one great love natin, the never faltering, selfless, and ever reliable RED HORSE

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i'm hurting...


images11.jpgwhy i write...
i write to document the thoughts that came into my head while i'm deliriously imagining of the love making that has been done.

i'm not that blessed with the capacity to maintain and nourish a sane relationshipship so every love making is blissful, every chances of recumbence is a thought that any moment love will descend upon me as soon as my back kisses the bed.

it's a reconciliation of what i thought has transpired and what actually happened.
i don't know if i'm trying to be forgetful, as i'm irresponsible or so i thought most of the time; or my mind's no longer serving me well..

most of the things i can't recall especially at times when i'm not comforted, abandoned and jaded.
i don't want to remember; as most of the things that pass me by are not worth remembering at all..
the walk made me realize...that all sorts of things happen to anyone at anytime at anywhere.
it reminded me of the days way back when i was still 11 years old.
those days when i'm still sheltered in every way you can ever think of.
back then when i was still such a brat and thought that i could have the whole world even if my hands were still very small.

i've grown out of the shell that provided me with all i needed...
and the world swarmed on me, started devouring till the last piece of me.
now the world has consumed me and there is nothing left of myself...

i want to go back into the shell....
i want to go back into the shell.

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