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gone for 24hrs and more.... and a day after that i'll try to resurrect


CADU1OPPCA..AQFTIPH.jpgthis is it, no turning back...
i can't hardly wait...
i just file my swap; my supervisor must've delayed it because i didn't show up yesterday hehehehe
i was drunk super drunk.
we went out drinking around 6.30p a few hours later friends from high school, LSA-Iligan'99 came and asked me to sit with them while the rest of the first group went home.
the usual, if old friends get together there'll be lots of thinking bout the good ole times.
then one suggested to go carting. we finished around 6pm, my shift starts 8.30p i decided to call in to be absent. but i wasn't able to wake up, so another case of NCNS, dammit!
anyways can't do anything bout it anymore. tomorrow's going to be one fun-filled day!!!
sun, beach, booze, smoke, friends (and i've heard there's weed.. well lucky day for users, i don't give a damn i'm gonna be busy drinking!!!!it's my day tomorrow!!!
things in the office aint right anymore, it's payday tomorrow but i'm just frustrated with my pay...
i got incentives, but tax is eating most of it up..
anywayz booze will be on me tomorrow, this is going to be great!!!
let's see who'll make it to the end :)
i'll be documenting on the event tomorrow ;)

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the stream of energy same entity shares

ang posibilidad na tayoy iisa


i know this might be a common, and you probably might have though of this as well...
the idea that everybody who shares something in common will find a way to get to know each other, like serendipity...
i see it's the common past amongst my friends and me
i sense that it's the present condition among the people i work with
i feel that its the future similar aspirations that brings us to meeting other entities who's got the same energy we possess.
the possibility and the plausibility of one big ball of energy dissimenated among people, is the reason why there are people who get together for no apparent reason at all.
and the moment they get to meet each other it's going to be a great bang!!!
they would collide, merge, fuse all at the same time...
the possibilities of attracting the good energy in line with yours solely depends on the type of energy you project, according to the LAW OF ATTRACTION...i got this from somebody, i'm sorry i can't quote you as i'm not sure with your name i think its linda hodge, my apologies,
Physics indicate our bodies are one big ball of energy. The chemical currency that runs through us is affected by our emotions. When you're feeling happy or joyful, that current or energy is vibrating at a higher frequency than when you are feeling sad or angry. And when you are vibrating at a higher frequency you are more likely to attract happier people and more positive opportunities, than when you are vibrating at a low, sad, bitter frequency. It's simple Quantum Physics. You can choose what you attract into your life. So, choose the good ones!

Did you ever wonder why some people irritate you? Maybe you are vibrating at a different energy level. Is your glass half empty or is your glass half full? Only YOU can determine how you choose to live your life and who you choose to live it with. You attract who you are (if you are aware and paying attention). The opposites attract theory is in reality, 'intrigue of the unknown' and 'thirst for adventure'. If that person or group does not match your vibration level, try living or working with them on a long term basis!! YIKES!

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a hello to a new year :) a goodbye to a good friend :(

love can end and start whenever you please and whenever you least expect it..

sunny -17 °C

MARCH 15!!!!

it's going to be a blast!!!
on march 15 we are planning to go to badian...a beach escapade for balot's bithday and the despidida of lee...
we are going to go loco that time.
happy and sad at the same time.
thankful yet questioning...
its going to be a beautifully ugly welcoming of goodbye...
ironic right?!
i don't know how to react if that time comes..
it's going to be an emotional turmoil for most of us, i haven't been with them for so long but i feel at ease with them.
probably because we have lots of things in common.but let's not talk about those things, maybe some other time...

Things that i want to happen and i'll be doing:

- i'll be bringing 5 longneck TANDUAY!!yahoo!!!
- i'll bring 2 bottles of vodka
- it's going to be 9sets of CARA PERFECTA (rhum based concoction) :)
- there will be 7.5 liters of SCREWDRIVER (vodka based drink) SUPER!!! :)
- i'll be thinner then...i hope :)
- so i can wear my two piece :)
- so i can flirt with Vampire, that is if he and his friends are coming
- if not i'll tease Sensitiv, hehehehe (it's always good to have back up plans)
- but first of all i hope Sensitiv can come, i hope it's going to be his rest day
- i'll bathe in the sun
- i'll bathe in moonlight
- i want those who have committed themselves already, will really go.
- i hope there will be other people
- i want everybody will get along well
- i hope there won't be trouble
- i want something special to happen during that day
- i want the PARTY TO ROCK!!!

i just hope everybody is one with me for these wishes. i'll be thinking of other crazy thingsfor that day :)

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three days of heavan and hell

this is hell DAY3


all of those entries for the previous days were the happy entries that i hold so dear.
what happened wasn't intended, but it was one of the things at the back of my mind that i wished of doing if you give me a kick in the ass.
he is one of the guys that im so amazed with. he is just gorgeous, those type who's like wine the older they go the tastier they'd get and most of all he is intelligent. an artist too.i know our worlds would collide eventually, but i'm more excited with the thought of our worlds merging, his music my arts. it's going to be melodious and picturisque.
we got together with a friend some time ago, no atraction at all but tension was strong.a lot of things happened to us. he was one dear soul, very sensible at the same time loved to be in control.
twas late night already when we got to julia's. me and dennis were drinking already when he came. he was having his nails done that's why it took him long to go there. Sensitiv was drunk and was at home sleeping. when we got together the usual thing, people don't know anything about us so we have to keep everything down and not obvious. we sang and pretended as if we were not intimately related. that was the time i realized it's really hard maintaining that kind of relationship. and that was the time a realized it's the moment to finally hit myself with a stone on the head.
all the while while were trying to look cool we were texting. he was trying to insinuate some naughty thoughts so i decided to ride it. when he finally told me if i'll be sleeping over his place i just knew that this will totally be a heartbreak and the culmination of all the madness i felt for him.
everything about our set up was unfair. but he was just to sweet to resist, a temptation to cut it short. he went out first i followed. he waited for me outside his house and told me to keep stay quiet. and everything happened so fast.
in the morning everything finally settled and took it's proper place. that we could never be together. that he can never be serious with me. and the more hope and struggle to maintain the littlest we have the more it would pain me if i'll wait longer to let the dust settle. he's too good for me, but i'm way to better for him. it's just so sad for two things you thought would compliment each other would always go take the parallel paths.they go towards the same direction, same pace, same destinations but they just can't meet, never crossing each other's path, they will never crash, we can never collide :(

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three days of heaven and hell

it just starts getting sweeter :) DAY2


that morning was a blast, when we got home we slept and woke up a lot earlier than usual because i need to wake Sensitiv up for his work, he comes in at 7:30 and i don't want him late as it will be the day when he will be endorsed on the floor.
he took a bath and went off to work. i still felt sleepy and decided to take a nap...
when i got up, i found out that i'm already late...so i decided not to show up for work, i know Sensitiv's going to kill me. around 11p i felt hungry texted lee to eat. we went for bbq but that night didn't end the boring way...
we decided to go to pump, we were wearing shorts, shirt and were on slippers. when we got there the party's just started, it's funny how people get together like that, party and converse even if they don't know each other. after a while got too intimate and eventually get laid.hehehe. the id of the most complex and highly intellectual being prevails!
well to cut the story short we just watched people dance, go crazy, fell of the ledge, get back again, stand on chairs, bump and grind go crazy...party here in cebu is only highlighted with the most updated line up of party music and relatively expensive lights but people are boring, not so many daring dancers, people try to be intimate with strangers but not showy.
we got home by around 5am or 6am eat. when i got home i texted Sensitiv, got there after an hour. sent me to sleep and went home to see his kuya...swwweeeetttt :)

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