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three days of heaven and hell...

ain't that sweet :)DAY1


it was suppose to be one of those regular-drinking-aftershift days, or so i thought...until one piece of heaven fell; one after the other...and drove me to hell...
let's call him Sensitiv, he was waiting downstairs, told me that he didn't went home.it was suppose to be a 5min smoke break before i start my 30 minute charity work(Overtime)we were just chatting me and my mare when he saw us and joined the chat..
he's really really pleasant to look at even without sleep. some sweet smelling dude even after a days work. CUTE!!!
i know the moment my friends will get to read this, tuksohan na naman ito.
oh well fast track...after my shift we headed straight to Julia's.
it was me, lee and Sensitiv any moment balot and miki wil be joining us. i know they will be delighted, well that's how we are,delighted with each other's love lives hehehehe
so we were drinking to our hearts content when another group came in. those were regular people at julia's we call them our classmates.all the while i thought it's the usual wacky session it but it turned out to be one of the funniest,craziest and sweetest sessions...
there was beer, friends, special someone and BOYs.....

a guy from another account was there, i always thought of him as cute, but you know taste is relative so if you'll get to see him you give the verdict.

Vampire, let's call him that way. they were singing along with his friends, songs almost all of us can relate to. found out that he's acquainted with miki's brother so we, I, got the chance to be introduced to him. guys mentioned about the getaway on the 15march so can't wait for that day...
watch out for DAY2...

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Maude Moonshine

hatred ...


Kiss my dream, touch my heart;
Play with my imagination, drift with me;
Rhythm amidst the deafening music of silence;
Pebbles scattered like stellar fantasies,
Hanging fancily at the back of my mind.
The blink of an eye satisfies my longing for you,
For I no longer need your touch…
My lips are satiably satisfied with your licks…
My nipples no longer ache for you lips…
My loins no longer long for your hips…
Waking next to you would be the last thing I hope to happen to me.
Making love to you again will be the last thing I’d ever think of.
Making memories with you, I’d blatantly hesitate.
Asking me to make you happy would cause you your life.
Making you want me comes out naturally, it’s easy as breathing.
You used to look so nice, but now you’re no more than an abomination.
I don’t know why I despise you so much
You make me sick, so sick that every time I see your shadow I feel like throwing up…
Every time we’re together I feel the urge to slit your throat, drown you with your blood.
You’re intolerably and unbearably boring… I HATE YOU!!!

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i'm stuck in the office!!!!arghhh!!!

this sucks!!!


this will officially start my writing while in the office i'm not sure on how long this will take.
well it's because i have a feeling that the it department will soon got hold of this site and deny our access.
i'm getting bored with my work and with my life as well.
this is crazy most of the time i don't seem to run out iof things to do and almost all year round im full of enthusiasm. well maybe i'm already growing old.
we went out drinking early this morning after work. it was fun i saw my cousin and had a chat.
i miss the beach i wanna go to the beach huhuhu i'll be travellin on the 15march :)
sea sea sea sea sea sea sea sea sea sea sea sea sea sea sea sea sea sea sea sea sea sea sea sea sea sea sea sea

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