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mahal mo ba si Gabby, yes or no???


surprise surprise!!!
what will you do if a friend happens to be hitting on your man??

should you confront her because of those secret stares she had?
or keep quiet and honor the things you've had all these time?

either way, the "Medusa" will find out..

have you been in this position? had it occur to you that you were only the second choice?

doesn't it suck?

the crazy thoughts that will run into your head every night on what will happen to you by the next day, if you girlfriend will finally confronts you for liking his man. or perhaps the excruciating thought of you never having the man that you've been dying for, and he's already owned by somebody else, and that somebody else is a dear friend....

come to think of it, it's a lot more challenging to be in this posistion, but majority see the whole situation in a different light, ain't it just not fair???

you decide...


a lot of peole consider third parties like a plague to every relationship, worse, something that puts to an end to something that is very SPECIAL...

i think of it otherwise, well based on experience it was with that kind of relationship wherein i found the there is no love greater than what you have for yourself..

it's that love, that you have for yourself, that makes you do crazy things to win the heart of somebody else, whose heart has already been taken, it's the survival of the fittest if we are in the jungle.

it's that love, that makes you value yourself more than anybody else, and be selfish and ruthless on other people's feelings just so you can have your will...

and it's that love that keeps you grounded and sane if everything else won't turn out well in the end...

different strokes for different folks, this is how i view it...

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boys, boys all type of boys



this is going to be kinda titillating....
sexy... provocative and a different side of me that you might find weird,,,
well maybe because most of the people around me mistaken me for lesbian but nah ah ah...


im . . .


Boys, boys, all type of boys
Black, white, Puerto Rican, Chinese boys
Girl, girl, get that cash
If it's 9 to 5 or shakin' your ass
Ain't no shame, ladies do your thing
Just make sure you ahead of the game


hahaha dont you like it with chest hairs, shaven or real smooth...whichever way i like it real tough chest ehehe


short, tall, average height, anyways i like it so long as the package says it all ahahaha


fair skinned, moreno, or molatto, whatever the skintone will be i dont care so long as they perform well hahahaha


long hair, skin head, clean cut, i dont care so long as they can wreck my bed hihihi

anything will do so long as
boys_kissing05.jpg they dont do this...

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the experience with expedia is just memorable, regardless of the not so likeable supervisors and the commitment being so demanding,

inspite of it all Expedia still rocks!!!

i miss the people, the aftershift drinking sessions, the smoke breaks, the out of town beachcapades, the parties on restdays,

come to think of it almost everything about it...
but there are just things that i can't deal wih or
things i can't stomach seeing over and over again.

now i've moved on..with another center, part of the pioneering team for eBAY...yeah i know it's....WICKED!!!an unforgettable expression form one of our senior trainer Amy Vujanich.

it's cool but totally different from what i was exposed to with Expedia, right now i'm still training but it'svery informative. and most of all the people i'm with are.....

just great to be with, it appears as if we were fitted together for the moment, for the situation and most of all for each other, or maybe it's too soon to tell, or maybe i'm just fond of them hehehe.

in the course of training there were nice things that our trainers straight from vancouver, canada gave us like starbucks gc's hehehe sweet...!!! they are Glen Pidor and Nadia Gonzalez theya re both pinoy by the way :)
we've got snipshots of some moments in starbucks hehehe here goes...


mitzie, kiz, rey and cris :)


ang nganga ni mitzie murag lain akong mahuna-hunaan

geng...murag dako ra kaayo si kuya nyahahaha

while the two trying some romance infront of the camera,,, hahay bayot buang hehehe


kamusta ang pout ni kiz? bahaw na hehehe


jr, mitzie, kiz, mitch, and rey, perfect hehehe

noticed im nowhere to be found? hehehe

i was actually soul searching while training, this is a perfect example of multi tasking hehehehe


then just woke up one afternoon and decided to cut my hair...real short...


mitch kiam and me :)


me and kiam


with most of the gang ang reggie collegue in expedia

this is meh our half german (halfshepherd) half pinoy imported na classmate hehehe ther is also ryan and joan but i don't have pictures of them

ang bait tingnan hanggang nhagilap ko tong picture na to...

ano toh???

bat bigla na lng...

if you had access this before she saw it, you shoud've seen the real pictures for this entry hehehe
upon request i deleted it so what you see here is her dog na bad influence...

i leave it to your imagination kung bakit b.i. tong aso na to sa kanya hehehe

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isang piraso ng aking isip

ala lng


and lahat ng mga bagay-bagay sa mundo ay may saysay at may dahilan kung bakit nangyayari at naiisakatuparan.

dati isa akong palaboy sa lipunan, pero kung naiisip mo na ginawa ko un dahil hindi ko alam kung ano ang silbi ko sa lipunan, diyan ka nagkakamali.

naniniwala ako sa ideya ng existentialismo, ang ideya na ang tao ay responsable sa mga nangyayari sa kanya at maging sa kanyang paligid.

ang mga panahong iyon ay ang dahilan kung bakit ganito ako mag-isip at ang mga dating haka-haka ay napalitan ng mga matino at totoong pag-iisip ng mga bagay-bagay na nakapalibot sa akin. ang mundo ay puno ng mga pangyayari na di mo maiintindihan hanggat hindi ikaw mismo ang nakakaranas.

ang pagkakataon ay lubhang banayad sa isang katulad ko, ang mga pagkakataon ay sobrang matulungin at maging ang tadhana ay isang malapit na kaibigan.

marami ng pagkakataon na kung saan napatunayan kong totoo ang aking mga sinabi.
hindi ko masasabi na marangya ang klase ng buhay na kinagisnan ko ngunit hindi ko rin masasabi na malubha ang aking pamumuhay.

sa sinabi ko, iisipin mo siguro na kasama nito ang buhay ng pamilyang kinabibilangan ko, hindi.

pagsinabi kong akin, nangangahulugang iyon na, ang tinutukoy ko ay, AKO at hindi kasali dito ang aking pamilya.Bakit? dahil ako ay ako at ang aking pag-iisip, kahit na tinulungan ako ng akong pamilya para mabuo ang unang parte nito, ito ay ipinaglinang ng panahaon at karanasan.

naniniwala ako na sa mga darating pa na panahon ito ay titibay at bukas din ako sa ideya na posibleng ito ay magbabago, pero isang bagay na sigurado ako, ito ay isang laking tulong para mabuo ang aking pagkatao. isang magandang bagay na kokompleto sa aking kasarian, katungkulan, responsibilidad at lugar sa ilalim ng ating dakilang araw...

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hit it!!!



this is a work long overdue hehehe

let me just start off with the idea that i'm no longer happy with the way things are going about at work.

i could enumerate just a hundred and one reasons why i'm feeling that way, but just to keep my sanity and be civil on the whole matter, i prefer to write about it instead, with the hope that this would enliven the dignity of my fellow collegues. we might not get a raise but we still keep ourselves high with the thought that we are simply one of the outstanding.(another round of beer please)

As what has been instilled and even if we refuse to believe we were made aware that the account is the bread winner of the company, that it is a premiere account. i've been told as well, that if you are an Expedia agent you can't transfer to other accounts unless you're vying for a higher position.we were coined as UNIVERSAL Agents, an address which in the callcenter industry is highly revered and is hard to achieve, well you can pass the test but the sticking with it through time is the harder part.

when i was with operations i highly admire the people who has gone before me, stayed and endured the pressure for a year or more. in line with this i decided to do a lil survey on tha people's thoughts and inputs on the activities on teh floor here it goes

1. have you got any or anybody you knew?

i knew of someone issued NTE

2. what was the issue?

for accessing nonwork related sites.

3. y dya think this is very rampant now, just now?

hmmm i cant speak for that person who took on that agent...but personal reason i guess hahah

4. if you'd get one what do you think it'd be for?

i wont find out until i meet the person who will take on me

5. if there's one thing that you'd like to react on violently what would it be about?

i'd rather be proactive than violently reactive... binuk-anay botilya sylvs wahahahahah --agent**-

1. have you got any or anybody you knew?

someone from the email team.

2. what was the issue?

accessing non-work related website.

3. y dya think this is very rampant now, just now?

paper mache? pa-papel!

4. if you'd get one what do you think it'd be for?


5. if there's one thing that you'd like to react on violently what would it be about?

there should be some proper procedures before escorting the agents to HR. la lang. so far, i think it's total unjust and unfair. --agent@@

1. have you got any or anybody you knew? everyone

2. what was the issue?

3. y dya think this is very rampant now, just now?

-they have nothing else to do
-it is the only thing they're good at
-it probably makes them feel like they are doing something aside from sitting down at thier stations staring stupidly at their monitors pretending they are deep in thought (of what?!)

4. if you'd get one what do you think it'd be for?

m guilty with surfing non-business related websites, who's not

5. if there's one thing that you'd like to react on violently what would it be about?

that mr. bean aka ogre aka fugly can get with it. i always see him surfing non-business related websites and he doesn't issue a warning to himself.
--agent ??

o dba...ano say nyo hehehe

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